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Best Toys For 8 Week Old Labrador Puppy

The best puppy toys for Labradors are ones which are interactive, and entertaining. While ones that keep your puppy tugging, chasing and chewing will become the favourites. Durable ones will provide hours of fun, but even ones that don’t last so long have a place. All play must be supervised when pups are young in case they get into any difficulty.

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Puppy Culture is part of the ‘secret sauce’ that makes Labratastic Labradors – Labratastic – and also, just a bit fantastic. We are working with your new best friend from the moment they are born to give them every opportunity to learn and grow. To gain confidence, to develop calmness. Maybe even to learn a few simple commands that you can then expand upon. If you meet one of our dogs, you won’t forget them. Memorable, for all the right reasons.

You may already know what type of ‘Labrador’ you want. Show, Working, or the colour. But for us, the most  important thing is that our Labradors are bred to make fantastic members of your family.  Taking the best health scores, we pair these with dogs that are athletic, agile, smart, willing to learn. Some breeders will want to tell you about how wonderful their dogs and puppies are. We know this, so instead we want to know what you are looking for in a dog so we can pair the right puppy with you. 

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I don’t know about your dog or dogs, but we are very accepting of the fact we will always be in ‘training’! And that’s part of the fun of dog ownership. Dog and human will grow together. Learn together. Through these experiences, bond and form the incredible friendships which will last a life time. We are here to support that journey. Both through our own experiences, and also through our network of other owners and breeders to help you choose the best training provider for you and your best friend. 

There are pros and cons to every thing in life, but when it comes to picking a puppy we don’t think one sex, is better than the other. As a family we always had male dogs until we purchased  Abbeystead Pleasure. Both make great family dogs, and we kept a son from the first litter who has been an absolute joy. With him as L said, she really realised that love was sexless. As she loves him without thinking about whether he is male of female. (Blog article coming soon.)

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