From our family to yours

A questionnaire?

In today’s world, to buy a puppy from a reputable source, you may find yourself sent a questionnaire through which the Breeder will endeavour to assess your suitability to be an owner. 

Don’t worry! 

You aren’t expected to be an expert, and if you are living in a flat or a smaller space you won’t immediately be disqualified from ownership. Instead, the Breeder will want to know if you have the resources, time, and money available to provide a safe, kind and caring home for the puppy they have spent the past 8 weeks caring for as if they were a family member—because, quite frankly for all the blood, sweat and tears expended, they are one!

From our family to yours

Yes, to a breeder, a puppy is like a surrogate baby. We love them, we protect them, and we will only pass them on to the next owner if we feel you will love them as much as we do. Most contracts will also stipulate that if it doesn’t work out, and you need to rehome the dog you will legally be obliged to return it to us to do so. Yes, times have really changed!

Finding the perfect partnership

When you come to meet one of our litters, we aim to have gathered enough knowledge about you to know which of the puppies may best suit you. A lot of people think they should go for the one who is the boldest, running towards you and bouncing. However, trust me when I say, you wouldn’t believe the relationship you can develop with a more reserved puppy at a young age. Also, puppies as well as humans have good days and bad days. You will of course have the final say, but it’s worth hearing our thoughts on the matter too. The male dog we kept from Bella’s first litter was pushy when little, then as he got older became calmer and more reserved. He’s now the most incredible member of the family, constantly surpassing any expectations, we might have had of him.

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