Puppys in a pen with toys

Best Toys For 8 Week Old Labrador Puppy

The best puppy toys for Labradors are ones which are interactive, and entertaining. While ones that keep your puppy tugging, chasing and chewing will become the favourites. Durable ones will provide hours of fun, but even ones that don’t last so long have a place. All play must be supervised when pups are young in case they get into any difficulty.

Whelpo welping box

Which Whelping Pen/ Box should you choose?

A puppy whelping pen, also known as a whelping box, is a safe and comfortable enclosure used to house a mother dog and her puppies during the whelping, or birthing, process and the first few weeks of the puppies’ lives. The pen is designed to keep the puppies contained and protected, while also providing the mother dog with a comfortable and secure space to care for her newborns.

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