Who is the most famous labrador in the world?

There are many famous Labrador Retrievers throughout history, but one of the most well-known Labradors is probably the fictional character “Marley” from the book and movie “Marley & Me” by John Grogan. The book is based on Grogan’s real-life experiences with his own Labrador Retriever, and the movie adaptation starred Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston. Marley’s antics and lovable personality made him a favorite among dog lovers around the world.

Another famous Labrador Retriever is “Endal,” a service dog from the UK who became internationally known for his incredible abilities to help his owner, a disabled ex-serviceman named Allen Parton. Endal was trained to perform over 100 tasks to help Allen with his day-to-day life, including fetching his wallet, helping him dress and undress, and even pressing the buttons on ATM machines. Endal received numerous awards for his service, and when he passed away in 2009, he was honored with a full military-style funeral.

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